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Artist Spotlight: Richie Ledreagle

 Richard L. Ragudo Jr., Also known to his many fans and supporters as “Richie Ledreagle” has been involved as an artist-activist in the music industry since the early 90’s. He established himself as a unique artist being of indigenous decent and created his own niche in the industry. Since early on in his career, he not only focused on the entertainment aspect of the music, but business as well, establishing his own publishing and writing company through A.S.C.A.P. in 1994.
As an entrepreneur, Richie started Leo Dragon Eagle Records LLC in 2001, an independent record label. Under that label he released the industry album, self-titled, “Ledreagle.” Under that same company Richie also opened a retail store and art gallery in Rocklin CA, which featured local artists as well as upstart clothing companies. He later self-published an industry and lifestyle related publication, the S.A.C. Mag., which featured local and word renown artists and culturally relevant articles and advertisement space.
Recently, Richie re-established himself in the world of indigenous Hip-Hop and in particular California Indigenous Hip Hop. With the launch of Indigenous Warrior Enterprise came the Indigenous Warrior Clothing Line, Indigenous Warrior Album, tour and Indigenous Warrior Entertainment.
Performances and appearances are geared toward community and culturally related events. Some of his performance locations also include various community centers and primary schools, the State Capitol, State Fair, and Convention Center in Sacramento, CA, Sacramento City College, Humboldt State University and most recently the Indigenous Legends Awards at the Viper Room in Hollywood CA.
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