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Happy Birthday: Modern Day Indian Territory

Modern Day Indian Territory LLC is about to be two years old. We had to obtain our yearly certificate from the Secretary of State today. 

Thank you to everyone that has supported us in anyway. A simple like, shared post, and re-tweet goes a long way. Also a special thank you to our Artists, Clients & financial supports. 

Modern Day Indian Territory LLC is a multi-media company, record label, music publisher (ASCAP) and film company. It’s also the umbrella for Native Music Online, a media outlet for Native American, First Nation & Indigenous Artists/Bands

Mvto & here’s to our terrible twos! Maybe next year we’ll have a bday party. 






Mvskoke Creek Hymn Singing: Full Video

Here is the unedited version of the hymn singing. I hope everyone enjoys this video.

We will have DVDs & CDs of the congregational singing available for people without access to the Internet.

If you would be interested in one of these, email us at the this address.

email: fultzrecording@gmail.com

-or- call (405) 823-3920 and leave a message with a return phone number.

Thanks to our Supporters:
Native Music Online:

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Jeremy “House” Fultz

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Wetumka Church

Edwin Marshall

Justin Fultz

Angela & Meeka Fultz

Carlolyn Fultz

Nellie Roberts

Special News: Mvskoke Creek Singing Convention

I had the honor recording the Mvskoke Creek singing convention. If you are looking for the video, it will be available soon. There will be a few places I will put on notice once it’s available.Facebook: either my personal page “Jeremy Fultz” or the business pages for Modern Day Indian Territory & Native Music Online.

Twitter: @jeremyfultz & @nativemusic49

Web: http://www.moderndayindianterritory.com & http://www.nativemusiconline.com

The video will be available on Youtube pages for: Modern Day Indian Territory & Native Music Online.

I want to say a special thank you to my brother, Justin Fultz. Today would’ve been very difficult without his help!

Thanks to Edwin Marshall for giving me the opportunity to document and record a historic moment and event.

Thanks to the Wetumka Indian Baptist church for hosting this historic event.

Thanks to the Creator for such a beautiful & extremly hot day. But, it brought back memories of watching the elders from when I grew up. It showed the strength our ancestors had walking the trail of tears to get to their new home, the struggles they had being killed, raped, beaten, and burglarized of their belongings.

Thanks to my family, Aunt Fuzzy, Momma Carolyn, my lovely wife Angela and daughter Meeka for sharing me on my birthday so I could do something I loved doing. Plus it doesn’t hurt when you get a great homecooked dinner with cake and ice cream!

This video/ documentary will be available for free. There are no special screenings or charges. Due to the historic nature of this event, I wanted to make available for everyone to watch, learn, participate & remember. If you would like to make a donation, we appreciate it but it is not required.

Jeremy “House” Fultz  

Artist Spotlight: Shawn Joseph “Creator’s Flute Warrior”

Born with a desire to play the saxophone, but never could afford one. Shawn’s uncle heard of his desire and said he had a flute he would give Shawn under one condition…. that when Shawn learned how to play, play it for him. “I remember some terrible squawking and squeaking noises my poor sweet wife of 29 years enduring through” Said Shawn in a recent interview. “My growing pains gave her ear pains” Shawn said joking.

All the songs on his latest CD`s are created from Shawn’s personal flutes that he has crafted. One is in the key of Am and the other Fm.

Shawn is a very active musician. Shawn plays the drums and is a percussionist for the band Spirit Cry. Shawn has been invited to play at Pow Wows, Tribal Princess Pageants, Youth events and gospel singings.

Shawn Joseph “Creator’s Flute Warrior” is Chickasaw & Choctaw and loves creating Native American Flute music that touches your Spirit and Soul.

You can follow Shawn at the following locations:

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/creatorsflutewarrior
Label: http://www.moderndayindianterritory.com/shawn-joseph.html

Get Shawn’s music at the following stores!




Shawn Joseph cd cover

Worship In Creek

The Tulsa Word published a story about Mvskoke Creek Hymns. I grew up listening to these same hymns and they hold a place near to my heart. I still have the song book my Auntie gave me and I intend to share these songs with my little one. We take our language for granted, I know I did. Our grandparents were forced to residential school and were punished for speaking in their native Language. Lets do our part to keep these songs and our languages alive!

<CLICK HERE> to view the Tulsa Word Video



Artist Spotlight: Spirit Cry

Spirit Cry is an exciting new band from Oklahoma City, not bound by Genre. The music is powerful and the lyrics are hard hitting!

Spirit Cry, led by front man Anthony Williamson, has written 10 unique original songs with a driving beat, rock inspired vocals and is heavily influenced with Native activism and spiritually. 

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