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Artist Spotlight: Richie Ledreagle

 Richard L. Ragudo Jr., Also known to his many fans and supporters as “Richie Ledreagle” has been involved as an artist-activist in the music industry since the early 90’s. He established himself as a unique artist being of indigenous decent and created his own niche in the industry. Since early on in his career, he not only focused on the entertainment aspect of the music, but business as well, establishing his own publishing and writing company through A.S.C.A.P. in 1994.
As an entrepreneur, Richie started Leo Dragon Eagle Records LLC in 2001, an independent record label. Under that label he released the industry album, self-titled, “Ledreagle.” Under that same company Richie also opened a retail store and art gallery in Rocklin CA, which featured local artists as well as upstart clothing companies. He later self-published an industry and lifestyle related publication, the S.A.C. Mag., which featured local and word renown artists and culturally relevant articles and advertisement space.
Recently, Richie re-established himself in the world of indigenous Hip-Hop and in particular California Indigenous Hip Hop. With the launch of Indigenous Warrior Enterprise came the Indigenous Warrior Clothing Line, Indigenous Warrior Album, tour and Indigenous Warrior Entertainment.
Performances and appearances are geared toward community and culturally related events. Some of his performance locations also include various community centers and primary schools, the State Capitol, State Fair, and Convention Center in Sacramento, CA, Sacramento City College, Humboldt State University and most recently the Indigenous Legends Awards at the Viper Room in Hollywood CA.
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Video Interview: Dr. Dawn Karima

We had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Dawn Karima. This is a great interview where we discuss two of Dawn’s Indigenous Music Awards, BBQ, everyday life and other artists.

As noted in the interview, I made a mistake and somehow didn’t record myself on video, but it wasn’t needed. Hope you enjoy!

Twitter: www.twitter.com/dawnkarima

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCKjLOYLTrrwPCE7gr2zqSTw

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/honeydawnkarima

Artist Spotlight: Shawn Joseph “Creator’s Flute Warrior”

Born with a desire to play the saxophone, but never could afford one. Shawn’s uncle heard of his desire and said he had a flute he would give Shawn under one condition…. that when Shawn learned how to play, play it for him. “I remember some terrible squawking and squeaking noises my poor sweet wife of 29 years enduring through” Said Shawn in a recent interview. “My growing pains gave her ear pains” Shawn said joking.

All the songs on his latest CD`s are created from Shawn’s personal flutes that he has crafted. One is in the key of Am and the other Fm.

Shawn is a very active musician. Shawn plays the drums and is a percussionist for the band Spirit Cry. Shawn has been invited to play at Pow Wows, Tribal Princess Pageants, Youth events and gospel singings.

Shawn Joseph “Creator’s Flute Warrior” is Chickasaw & Choctaw and loves creating Native American Flute music that touches your Spirit and Soul.

You can follow Shawn at the following locations:

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/creatorsflutewarrior
Label: http://www.moderndayindianterritory.com/shawn-joseph.html

Get Shawn’s music at the following stores!




Shawn Joseph cd cover

Artist Spotlight: StenJoddi

StenJoddi Is an enrolled member of the Mvskoke Creek Nation of Oklahoma. He is One of the most prolific Underground Native HipHop artist that has been making a real name for himself. StenJoddi (which means “Native” in the Mvskoke Creek Language) Became a fan of music early in his life from Rock & Country influences being raised in Oklahoma. His love for music had drawn him close to hiphop in his preteen aged years & on. Because of the stories that were told in the songs he seemed to relate to them a lil more than the country or rock that he was raised on. 

Soon after falling in love with hiphop he created a burning desire within himself to begin crafting his own style & lyrics. StenJoddi’s clever wordplay, storytelling, effortless flow, & distinct tone set him apart from the crowded field of up & coming new “rap” artists nationwide. Even more importantly, StenJoddi gives a voice to a unique, untold story & struggle that hiphop has been blind to…growing up & surviving as a Native!!!! 

In the last year StenJoddi has been making a mark in the Underground Hip-Hop Community. Following his debut album release “TattooMuzik2” produced by ShawkCityBeats last year StenJoddi has now released his newest installment of TattooMuzik with his 2nd debut Album ‘TattooMuzik3’ & has some of the Hottest Records ever recorded by Joddi. Also has some of the sickest features from some of the dopest artist & producers in the underground. Artist like Chase Manhattan, Tha Native, Joey Stylez, Adrian Harjo, Honey, TraxxVDayz, Bigg-O, Mr.Ammo, Johnny Skitzoe, Da Young Prodigy, Big-C, Kwame, Young Jibwe, Red Cloud & Crystal Lightning, & many more. 

As he has been reaching high goals for his music career he has been hitting the road with his dope stage performances all over the map. From performing live at the Tulsa State Fair in his home state of Oklahoma in 2014 to every small bar & club up in down the mid-west. He has been really making noise in his now home town of Mason City, Iowa where he works as a Tattoo Artist & lives with his family.

He has been featured on the cover of Native Entertainment Magazine’s 2014 October Issue with full editorial story. 

In the past he has been featured on several projects including successful Female WestCoast Mexican Hip-Hop Artist Cecy-B’s Mixtape “Hustle in Heels” on the single “What You Waiting On”. He has established his name as one of the “Best Native American Rappers” on http://www.thetoptens.com

StenJoddi is also being featured across Indian Country on internet radio stations like ‘Live With Tribe’ & many others.

StenJoddi is constantly Pushing, Working, & Striving to Perfect His Craft. He also working on several venture projects with other artist & producers. StenJoddi is on a mission to achieve greatness in the hiphop game, for himself & for his people. Stay informed on up coming performances, shows & events. Stay informed on News about StenJoddi by Making sure you follow him on Twitter.com @StenJoddi & Become a fan of StenJoddi on Facebook.com/StenJoddi


Artist Spotlight: Darae

Darae is a Native American R&B artist from Louisiana. He first found his passion for music from his uncle who played in a local Zydeco band in town. Growing up he would listen to multiple styles of music from country, classic rock, hip hop, rap, and R&B. As a child his favorite artist was Vince Gill. The soulful sound he heard as Vince Gill sang songs like “I still believe in you” drove his passion to be a soulful singer. Darae said “Vince would take you through his stories in each song, you could feel the passion, and the love as his vocals touched your heart”.