Artist Spotlight: Riah

Culture Shock Original recording artist, Riah, is a proud member of the Navajo Nation and is a resident of Flagstaff Arizona via Page Arizona. It’s there, where she has paid her dues and learned to be the true professional she is today. A true superstar in the making. Beauty, Charisma & Talent all rolled into one. Her star power is shining even brighter with the release of her debut album, “Believe” which is available in 756 stores in 103 countries WORLDWIDE. Her single “In The Middle” is currently receiving radio play all across the nation and beyond. Her fan base continues to grow and with the 2014 WC American Indian Music Awards nomination and victory in the “R&B Album of The Year” category, The sky is the limit for this young charismatic star. She strivesto be a role model. 

 She is currently working with Culture Shock Original’s One Tribe One Nation Community Intervention Through Music Program, where she hope to effect positive change in the lives of Native American and Indigenous youth.

Riah “In The Middle” (Official Music Video) 






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