Special News: Mvskoke Creek Singing Convention

I had the honor recording the Mvskoke Creek singing convention. If you are looking for the video, it will be available soon. There will be a few places I will put on notice once it’s available.Facebook: either my personal page “Jeremy Fultz” or the business pages for Modern Day Indian Territory & Native Music Online.

Twitter: @jeremyfultz & @nativemusic49

Web: http://www.moderndayindianterritory.com & http://www.nativemusiconline.com

The video will be available on Youtube pages for: Modern Day Indian Territory & Native Music Online.

I want to say a special thank you to my brother, Justin Fultz. Today would’ve been very difficult without his help!

Thanks to Edwin Marshall for giving me the opportunity to document and record a historic moment and event.

Thanks to the Wetumka Indian Baptist church for hosting this historic event.

Thanks to the Creator for such a beautiful & extremly hot day. But, it brought back memories of watching the elders from when I grew up. It showed the strength our ancestors had walking the trail of tears to get to their new home, the struggles they had being killed, raped, beaten, and burglarized of their belongings.

Thanks to my family, Aunt Fuzzy, Momma Carolyn, my lovely wife Angela and daughter Meeka for sharing me on my birthday so I could do something I loved doing. Plus it doesn’t hurt when you get a great homecooked dinner with cake and ice cream!

This video/ documentary will be available for free. There are no special screenings or charges. Due to the historic nature of this event, I wanted to make available for everyone to watch, learn, participate & remember. If you would like to make a donation, we appreciate it but it is not required.

Jeremy “House” Fultz  


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