Artist Spotlight: Darae

Darae is a Native American R&B artist from Louisiana. He first found his passion for music from his uncle who played in a local Zydeco band in town. Growing up he would listen to multiple styles of music from country, classic rock, hip hop, rap, and R&B. As a child his favorite artist was Vince Gill. The soulful sound he heard as Vince Gill sang songs like “I still believe in you” drove his passion to be a soulful singer. Darae said “Vince would take you through his stories in each song, you could feel the passion, and the love as his vocals touched your heart”.
Darae also sang in the local church choir, where he found that music could change lives and the way people look at there life. He joined choir in Jr. high school, where the choir director got him to audition. Although he was shy at first the choir helped improve his vocal skills and taught him how to control his notes. Although his Jr. high choir term was shorten to 1 year, He rejoined in high school. This is where he really found himself musically.
upon getting into high school he formed an R&B group with some friends. The group would stand in front of the school singing songs from artist like Boys 2 Men, Jodeci, Dru Hill, and many other R&B groups. Taking the school choir to multiple state and national competitions, Darae started having those dreams of performing on a bigger stage.  Darae soon found that writing music was also an undiscovered talent. Writing for the majority of the groups own music, he could see where he wanted his future to be. After school, he continued writing and making music. Even as a husband, and a father, music was still his passion.
In 2013 he decided that it was finally his time to get heard. his first song that he wrote was titled “Understanding Her”. A song with emotional and heartfelt meaning. Inspired by seeing relationships falling apart around him, he put his heart on paper. Telling guys that they need to just listen to there woman and know that she isn’?t there just for show. “Its only a matter of time before her love fades away” one line from the song gives you the song in short. A little understanding can go a long way. he followed that up with “Say what you mean” and “Unguarded Heart” two more songs talking about relationships and how to keep love strong in them. Writing more music for his first album, he decided that the title “Feelings” was more then acceptable for the album name. releasing the album in February 2015, he’s ready to share his music with the world. Songs like “My Hearts Desire”, “Deeper In Love”,  and “When Love Finds You” show his emotional side. touching songs like “Just A Dream” bring out the heartfelt missing piece of the puzzle.
All the songs on the album prove that real R&B still has a place in the music industry. “Music changes people, changes how they view the world. right now the world needs love and this is the type of music that will bring it to the world”
You can find Darae’s music on iTunes, Amazon and other online digital stores!
Listen & Preview on iTunes from here: iTunes
Twitter: @Darae_Music
 Darae pic 2 darae album cover

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