Artist Spotlight: Spirit Cry

Spirit Cry is an exciting new band from Oklahoma City, not bound by Genre. The music is powerful and the lyrics are hard hitting!

Spirit Cry, led by front man Anthony Williamson, has written 10 unique original songs with a driving beat, rock inspired vocals and is heavily influenced with Native activism and spiritually. 

Lead Vocals and guitar-Tong yah day
Lead vocals- Steph Wilki
Bass guitar-Mike Watkins
Keyboards- James Strauss
Native Flute and percussions- Shawn Joseph aka. Kokopeli.

Spirit Cry has been featured on the Native Trail Blazers radio show with Vincent and Delores Schilling. They were recently interview by Majick RavenHawk for Engage life radio. Their new self titled album “Spirit Cry” is starting to make radio rotation across Indian Country.

They are signed to native record label, Modern Day Indian Territory

Get connected with Spirit Cry: 


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