NAMA collab against the DAPL “Water is Life” project 

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From the NAMA org: 

As we near the 16th Annual Native American Music Awards ceremony, we keep the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s actions to protect their land, water and sacred sites from the Dakota Acess Pipeline, in our prayers and hearts. The pipeline is planned to transport approximately 470,000 barrels of crude oil per day. The potential of oil leaks would contaminate the only source of water for the reservation and worse. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has received an outpouring of support with over a hundred Tribes, First Nations, Organizations, Cities, and Businesses who have visited and sent them signed resolutions and letters of support. NAMA Nominees such as Joseph FireCrow, Lil Mike & Funny Bone, Thana Redhawk, Spirit Cry, Darren Thompson, Blue Mountain Tribe as well as mainstream artist, Pharrell Williams, Divergent star Shailene Woodley, Actors Jason Momoa and Leonardo DiCaprio all have expressed their support. The Native American Music Awards Stands With Standing Rock especially as they begin what may be the start of a lengthy, legal fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline. Meanwhile, construction work on the pipeline is still ongoing.


Artist Spotlight: Richie Ledreagle

 Richard L. Ragudo Jr., Also known to his many fans and supporters as “Richie Ledreagle” has been involved as an artist-activist in the music industry since the early 90’s. He established himself as a unique artist being of indigenous decent and created his own niche in the industry. Since early on in his career, he not only focused on the entertainment aspect of the music, but business as well, establishing his own publishing and writing company through A.S.C.A.P. in 1994.
As an entrepreneur, Richie started Leo Dragon Eagle Records LLC in 2001, an independent record label. Under that label he released the industry album, self-titled, “Ledreagle.” Under that same company Richie also opened a retail store and art gallery in Rocklin CA, which featured local artists as well as upstart clothing companies. He later self-published an industry and lifestyle related publication, the S.A.C. Mag., which featured local and word renown artists and culturally relevant articles and advertisement space.
Recently, Richie re-established himself in the world of indigenous Hip-Hop and in particular California Indigenous Hip Hop. With the launch of Indigenous Warrior Enterprise came the Indigenous Warrior Clothing Line, Indigenous Warrior Album, tour and Indigenous Warrior Entertainment.
Performances and appearances are geared toward community and culturally related events. Some of his performance locations also include various community centers and primary schools, the State Capitol, State Fair, and Convention Center in Sacramento, CA, Sacramento City College, Humboldt State University and most recently the Indigenous Legends Awards at the Viper Room in Hollywood CA.
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Happy Birthday: Modern Day Indian Territory

Modern Day Indian Territory LLC is about to be two years old. We had to obtain our yearly certificate from the Secretary of State today. 

Thank you to everyone that has supported us in anyway. A simple like, shared post, and re-tweet goes a long way. Also a special thank you to our Artists, Clients & financial supports. 

Modern Day Indian Territory LLC is a multi-media company, record label, music publisher (ASCAP) and film company. It’s also the umbrella for Native Music Online, a media outlet for Native American, First Nation & Indigenous Artists/Bands

Mvto & here’s to our terrible twos! Maybe next year we’ll have a bday party.


Opportunity: Rock is Red looking for Artists

ROCK iS RED iS SEEKiNG AMERiCAN iNDiAN AND FIRST NATiONS RECORDiNG ARTiSTS TO FEATURE iN iT’S UPCOMING FALL ISSUE AND PODCAST SERiES(September 14, 2015 – Albuquerque, NM) ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE is gearing up for the the publication of it’s third edition of ROCK IS RED MAGAZINE. The American Indian-owned publication is calling out to Indian Country and beyond for talent to have showcased on its pages as well as it’s podcast series. The quarterly magazine thus far has featured profiles of such American Indian and First Nations recording artists as GHOST TOWN ORCHESTRA, INNASTATE, CODY BLACKBIRD, KICKIN KROTCH, BLACKSTONE, LOGAN STAATS, ANIMAL TEEF, DAWN KARIMA, CASPER, SCATTER THEIR OWN, JULIA KEEFE, WILL BELCOURT and others. The Fall edition of ROCK IS RED MAGAZINE will be due out OCTOBER 21, 2015

ROCK IS RED has it’s roots in the podcast series ABORIGINAL SOUNDS – A CELEBRATION OF CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN INDIAN AND FIRST NATIONS MUSIC. The show was rebranded ROCK IS RED by the show’s production company ROCKWIRED MEDIA LLC and it’s founder BRIAN LUSH ( an enrolled member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe). “I really feel that the new name for the show is going to catch on. It rolls off the tongue better as rock n roll should.” says LUSH “ABORIGINAL SOUNDS sounded a little too much like an NPR show and that was never our intention. ROCK IS RED sounds like it’s about to pop. I think this is a step in the right direction.

The newly rechristened podcast was relaunched on ROCKWIRED.COM in April 2015. Since the shows Launch in May of 2011 some of the artists that have been featured have included JANA MASHONEE, WHEN DARKNESS FALLS, INDIGENOUS, AUDIOPHARMACY, MICHAEL BUCHER, NAKE NULA WAUN, NATIVE ROOTS, CODY BLACK BIRD, SHELLEY MORNINGSONG, MELANIE STORMM, MICHAEL BUCHER, DEY & NITE, OSTWELVE, JIR PROJECT BAND, DEREK MILLER, THE PLATEROS, ANIMAL TEEF, B OF DAKOTA SOUTH RECORDS, TERRENCE.JAYE, DIGGING ROOTS, BLACK OWL SOCIETY, TONE DEF SIRENS EDEN FINE DAY, SIHASIN, KICKIN KROTCH, GHOST TOWN ORCHESTRA, BLACK STONE and more. The irony of this announcement for ROCK IS RED being issued on Columbus Day is certainly not lost on LUSH. ” Yeah, I wish I could say it was just one of those coincidences in life but it’s not.” says LUSH. “It’s intended as a dig. I couldn’t think of a better time to make an announcement then on this day.”

In addition to the podcast, ROCKWIRED will be kicking off the ROCK IS RED viral campaign which will put Native recording artists front and center through social media. In recent years social media has proven to be a valuable tool in speaking out against the Keystone XL Pipeline and spreading solidarity with CHIEF THERESA SPENCE with the Idle No More Movement. LUSH believes that ROCK IS RED is something worth starting a movement over. “Why the hell not?” says LUSH “In a time when there is so much news about misappropriation and the whole debacle over the REDSKINS name why not take a stand and say this is who we are and this is the music we make? What I’ve found frustrating about people like GWEN STEFANI and WAYNE COYNE and PHARRELL donning a stupid hipster warbonnet is that the media had things to say about it and people on comments sections on this blog or that blog had something to say about it but no one ever thought to ask a contemporary Native recording artist. Why was the Native music artist left out of the discussion? This whole misappropriation nonsense – there is something really douche-y and disgusting and just plain racist about it. I love music and I love being Indian and I want to see the day when there truly is a united native music front. Perhaps this ROCK IS RED idea can be the first step toward that.”

ROCKWIRED MEDIA is also the publisher of the monthly digital magazine ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE – the first American Indian-owned rock magazine . ROCKWIRED MEDIA is continually seeking artists to be featured on ROCK IS RED. While the word ROCK is in the title and BRIAN LUSH’S ROCKWIRED is primarily an active rock publication ROCK IS RED is open to a wide range of music.


All submissions are to be emailed to and have “Rock is Red” referenced in the subject line. All submission are to contain the following:
Three (3) mp3 or WAV files of completed songs

A brief biography of the artist/band

Links to any relevant websites or press

MP3 or WAV files are the only files we accept. Please do not send WMA or M4A or FLAC files! 
Because this program is designed to promote American Indian and First Nations artists, we ask that all submissions came form bands that are Native fronted or solo artists who are either American Indian or First Nations.
It is our preference to showcase artists with completed works that are available through such sites as CD BABY or AMAZON or ITUNES. If this is not the case for you , please give us an idea of when you intend to drop your release.
While we are pretty open minded to the kinds of musical submissions, ABORIGINAL SOUNDS wishes to only feature modern, contemporary music such as rock, metal, punk, hip-hop, rap, blues, jazz or country/americana (more americana). Spoken word poetry, traditional or pow wow music will not be accepted!

If you have any additonal questions regarding submitting materials to this program please contact the program producer BRIAN LUSH at 505.414.4888 or email him at

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Artist Spotlight: The Council

The Council, winners of the Culture Shock Original’s Native Rap $25K Recording Contract Contest, is made up of Antonio Herrera “TONES” and Dmitri Reynolds “DREEZY”. A Native American Rap Group from a rural area in Colorado (Ignacio). The Council’s tribe affiliation is Southern Ute, Jemez Pueblo, Taos Pueblo and Sioux, although they stand with pride and reverence with the whole Native Nation and that very stance is the inspiration for their debut album ONE TRIBE ONE NATION, which is the biggest release of a Native American rap group in
the industry’s history. The Council’s much anticipated album is now currently available in 756 digital stores in a 103 counties. The Council has also been honored with a 2014 Native American Music Awards win for “Best Rap/ Hip Hop Recording of The Year” .
The Council is the real deal and their debut album has the masses heads ringing. It doesn’t hurt that their album is loaded with Superstar features and producers. The tracks that power this little engine that could, are supplied by Scott Storch, Producer of Dr. Dre, Beyonce, 50 Cent, Fat Joe & Terror Squad, Nelly, Xzibit, Eve, the Roots, Mario, Lil’ Kim, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg and The Game. Also on production, the legendary funk masters George Clinton & Gene “Poo Poo Man” Anderson of Parliament and Funkadelic. The Council’s sound is solid as a rock, thanks to Multi Grammy Award winning producer and engineer Ed Stasium, who mixed and mastered ONE TRIBE ONE NATION, famous for his work with Biohazard, Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones, Joan Jett, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Living Colour, MISFITS, Motörhead, Pennywise, Ramones, Ratt, Martha Reeves, Sha Na Na, The Smithereens, Soul Asylum, Talking Heads & countless others. The album features Snoop Dogg, The Game and TI. This star studded lineup has drawn major worldwide attention, but make no mistake about it, The Council truly shines among all these bright stars. Their single, STAY ON RHYTHM featuring TI is current receiving radio play all across America and beyond and has broken into the Top 40 Charts digitally. They have also picked up a 2014 WC American Indian Music Awards nomination for “Best Rap/ Hip Hop Album of The Year”.
The Council is a major part of Culture Shock Original’s One Tribe One Nation Community Intervention Through Music Program. Through the program, The Council hopes to give back to a community that has given them so much. Their goal is to effect positive change in the lives of Native American and Indigenous youth everywhere.
For booking: Marcus Tsosie – Chief Marketing Officer, 480-684-4152,
Music from The Council One Tribe One Nation Album “Take Flight”

Special News: OKC Mvskoke Study Group 

Creek/Seminoles in the greater OKC community, plan now to attend the OKC AREA MVSKOKE CULTURE & LANGUAGE STUDY GROUP this Sunday, September 13th, at 6:30 p.m. A part of the cultural study is a potluck dinner with Mvskoke foods (if you can, we’ll eat anything! Lol).
Special invitees this week include Scott Roberts, Mvskoke clay pottery artist, and Danny Beaver, Mvskoke artist who will display their respective pieces for the attendees to observe. Also, we will study “Functional Phrases” in the Mvskoke language. This is sure to be a special event for our group.
For those outside the area, we’re excited to announce that you may join us online at .
 The location for this event is the 

 DZP 360 Event Center

 7312 North Cherokee Plaza


(Just off NW Expwy)


Artist Spotlight: Riah

Culture Shock Original recording artist, Riah, is a proud member of the Navajo Nation and is a resident of Flagstaff Arizona via Page Arizona. It’s there, where she has paid her dues and learned to be the true professional she is today. A true superstar in the making. Beauty, Charisma & Talent all rolled into one. Her star power is shining even brighter with the release of her debut album, “Believe” which is available in 756 stores in 103 countries WORLDWIDE. Her single “In The Middle” is currently receiving radio play all across the nation and beyond. Her fan base continues to grow and with the 2014 WC American Indian Music Awards nomination and victory in the “R&B Album of The Year” category, The sky is the limit for this young charismatic star. She strivesto be a role model. 

 She is currently working with Culture Shock Original’s One Tribe One Nation Community Intervention Through Music Program, where she hope to effect positive change in the lives of Native American and Indigenous youth.

Riah “In The Middle” (Official Music Video) 





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