Video Interview: Dr. Dawn Karima

We had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Dawn Karima. This is a great interview where we discuss two of Dawn’s Indigenous Music Awards, BBQ, everyday life and other artists.

As noted in the interview, I made a mistake and somehow didn’t record myself on video, but it wasn’t needed. Hope you enjoy!




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This week has been one of a kind! The new videos are blowing up. Met some great people that we’ll be posting interviews with soon. Most importantly have received a lot of emails from artists and labels supporting the movement!

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Artist Spotlight: Dawn Karima

Dr. Dawn Karima (Creek/Cherokee) is a NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD WINNER, who hosts “A Conversation with Dawn Karima”, a Native American talk show on TalktainmentRadio and its affiliates. The author of two novels, THE WAY WE MAKE SENSE and THE MARRIAGE OF SAINTS and co-author of CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY READ, she lives on the Qualla Boundary Reservation.
THE DESIRE OF NATIONS won a NAMMY for Best Gospel/Inspirational in 2013 and her NAMMY-nominated CD is THE WORSHIP OF ANGELS. She is also a journalist and award-winning filmmaker. She has a BA from Harvard and the MFA in Creative Writing from The Ohio State University. Her doctorate was completed at The University of Kentucky / Trinity Seminary. Dawn Karima Pettigrew is currently Ms. American Indian Beauty, and has reigned as Ms. Native American Worldwide, Ms. Native American Achievement and Miss North Carolina Achievement. She teaches Native American Studies at the university level, and is a beadworker , shellshaker and women’s traditional powwow dancer. A popular Motivational Speaker and Performer, she is available to hire to share her talents with groups, organizations, events, conferences and concerts.

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Video Interview & Artist Spotlight: Pensmoke “the Professional Outcast”

It’s an honor to have our first interview with Pensmoke. We want to thank Pensmoke for the time he took from his schedule for the interview! Please support Pensmoke by visiting his FaceBook and music pages. 


“Pensmoke ‘The Professional Outcast’ is an emcee specializing in traditional Hip Hop music with the Truth embedded in it. His music speaks on things like life struggles, God, Native American issues, and the deteriorated state of hip hop today. He is currently working on his second album after being involved in a group project and several features. Google search ‘Pensmoke’ for more details.”

Follow Pensmoke here: Facebook

Twitter: @Pensmoke

Pensmoke’s 1st Album: CD BABY:

Bandcamp Website:

Artist Spotlight: Shawn Joseph “Creator’s Flute Warrior”

Born with a desire to play the saxophone, but never could afford one. Shawn’s uncle heard of his desire and said he had a flute he would give Shawn under one condition…. that when Shawn learned how to play, play it for him. “I remember some terrible squawking and squeaking noises my poor sweet wife of 29 years enduring through” Said Shawn in a recent interview. “My growing pains gave her ear pains” Shawn said joking.

All the songs on his latest CD`s are created from Shawn’s personal flutes that he has crafted. One is in the key of Am and the other Fm.

Shawn is a very active musician. Shawn plays the drums and is a percussionist for the band Spirit Cry. Shawn has been invited to play at Pow Wows, Tribal Princess Pageants, Youth events and gospel singings.

Shawn Joseph “Creator’s Flute Warrior” is Chickasaw & Choctaw and loves creating Native American Flute music that touches your Spirit and Soul.

You can follow Shawn at the following locations:


Get Shawn’s music at the following stores!




Shawn Joseph cd cover

Artist Spitlight: The Groovalottos 

The GROOVALOTTOS are a soul-funk band of seasoned and award-winning studio and touring soul, funk, jazz and blues players. Said to play with their souls instead of their hands, The GROOVALOTTOS are contemporary Cherokee, Choctaw, and Wampanoag ‘Song Keepers’ bringing strong medicine in the form of soul-funk.
Originally formed in 2010 by veteran Motown studio player, James Wolf as a band called “Double Stuff” the band adopted the name “The GroovaLottos” from a play written by Keyboardist, vocalist Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor, making their first public appearance under the new name in 2011 at a Multicultural Festival on Cape Cod. Wolf and the original bass player left the band in 2012, leaving Johnson and the Professor to re-invent the band’s sound and influences. Both being of Afro-Native ancestry and brought up within the composite culture of that mix; and with the addition of Mr Sweeting on bass, led to a cultural revolution for the band’s sound, image, philosophy and mission. 
The band has performed at arts festivals and native gatherings throughout the east coast and mid Atlantic region, as well as being tapped as the inaugural band for the first gathering of the National Congress of Black American Indians in July of 2014 in Washington DC, the Boston Jazz Fest, Springfield Indie Soul Festival, NDN Soul Festival, and Dighton Native Arts Festival.
Band Members:
Eddie Ray Johnson (Choctaw) – Drums & Vocals
Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor (Mashpee Wampanoag) – Keys & Vocals
Christopher “Redbone” Sweeting (Eastern Cherokee) – Bass & Vocals

The GroovaLottos Music
Photo Credits:
2015-03-18… photo by Kimberley M Canto
L-R: Eddie Ray, Mwalim, Redbone
TG Serious… photo by Morgan James Peters, II
L-R: Mwalim, Eddie Ray, Redbone

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